1.  No written assignment this week:  Homework 9 is our last written assignment.

2.  Preparation for Monday -- Reading

Required reading:

Make a first pass on the final case in Labov and Harris.  This has lots of technical linguistics, as illustrated in Figures 11.3 - 11.6b.   We'll be working through the linguistics in class,  but for Monday you have the non-technical side of the case under control.

Optional reading:

     These are posted on the class website, with the usual password; note the suggested page numbers.  If you make a preliminary pass through this,  it will help with the class presentations.  If the class presentation is confusing, referring to this may help.

Peter Ladefoged.  2001/2006.  A Course in Phonetics
        Chapter 1 (2006):  Articulation & Acoustics: 
            Vowels pp. 11-13
        Chapter 2 (2006): Phonology & Phonetic Transcription:
            Intro pp. 1-2;  Vowels and charts pp. 4-7
        Chapter 8 (2001):  Acoustic Phonetics:  
            Vowels and formants pp.170-8, 190-3;   Figs 8.7, 8.9, 8.21, 8.22
            Individual differences and speaker identification pp. 194-6, Fig 8.22

3.  IThe take-home final exam will be distributed in class Wednesday;  the exam is due 5 pm on Wednesday, 3 May.  I'll answer questions about the exam in class Friday, so make a serious first pass on the exam before Friday's class.