Homework #3

First Draft Due: 5 February 2018
Final Draft Due: 12 February 2018

(1) Read the decision in Frigaliment Importing Co., Ltd vs B.N.S. International Sales Corp. and provide a summary of the case.  Make sure that your summary includes answers to the following questions:  (Target length: 300-500 words)
  1. Who is suing who?  What kind of entity is the plaintiff and what kind of entity is the defendant?
  2. What events took place between the plaintiff and defendant that led to the lawsuit?
  3. When and where did those events take place?
  4. What do the plaintiff and defendant disagree about?
  5. What types of evidence did each side submit?
  6. Who did the judge find for?  
  7. How did the judge support the finding?
(2) What linguistic issue does this case raise and how does Judge Friendly decide it?   (Target length: 100-300 words)

(3)  Working only from the Judge Friendly’s opinion,  make a guess about how much of this problem was caused by working with native speakers of two languages.    (Target length:  Less than 50 words.)

(4) What does this case teach us about business in general and drafting contracts in particular?  (Target length:  Less than 50 words)

For this assignment, rely entirely on the facts as presented in the judge's opinion (linked above).  You don't need to do any other research.